Pre-Arrangement Transfer



Many families choose to pre-arrange and pre-fund theirown or a loved one’s funeral or cremation. This is a very smart and responsiblething to do for your family. It not only brings peace of mind but it also savesfamilies from future increases in the cost of funeral or cremation services.What many families DO NOT KNOW is that the money they used topre-arrange and pre-fund their arrangements does NOT have to be used atthe funeral home where they originally planned their arrangements. Thebest benefit to transferring your arrangements from another funeral home to WrightCremation & Funeral Service is the possibility of receiving a large refundto the deceased’s estate.

The simple explanation of this is that if you have madearrangements at a funeral home where the funeral cost is $10,000, the samefuneral at Wright at the time of death may often be a fraction of the cost ofpre-arrangement monies available. When we retrieve the monies from the bank orinsurance policy in which the original funeral home placed the money, we willeasily return the unused portion to the deceased’s estate. Many times thisresults in $1,000 to possibly $3,000 or more returned to the deceased’sestate.  You may bring your arrangements to us either at the time of deathor in advance.  The choice is yours.

Pleasecall us if you have more questions regarding changing your funeral or cremationservices to Wright Cremation & Funeral Service.

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