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Burial with Visitation

           Church, Chapel or Graveside Service with Visitation
    • Basic Service of Funeral Director & Staff: $2300
    • Embalming: $495
    • Other Preparation: $150
    • Church, Chapel or Graveside Service: $475
    • Visitation at Funeral Home or Church: $350
    • Removal & Transferring of Remains: $200
    • Hearse for Service: $250
    • Service Car/Utility Van: $80

                    SERVICES: $4300.00

                           20 Gauge Metal Casket: $1295.00

                    Total: $5,595.00

                    Does not include: Death Certificates, Sales Tax, Burial Vault, Obituaries or Cemetery Charges. Refer to The General Price List for Complete Pricing. Prices are Subject to Change.


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